Kunje is a family owned farm and has been in the Hanekom Family since 1834. On the farm pears, peaches, nectarines, plums and citrus are cultivated and packed for local- and international markets. The hospitable Hanekom Family encourages their guests to explore the orchards, hand-pick and taste export quality fruit directly from the trees.

Kunje Guest Farm offers a variety of activities in the line of HIKING TRAILS, MOUNTAIN BIKING and ROCK CLIMBING. Hiking trails vary from short 15 minute walks perfect for the entire family, to day long hikes suitable for the more experienced. En-route guests will encounter a wealth of WILD LIFE, exquisite FYNBOS and awe inspiring panoramic views of the Koue Bokkeveld Valley.

The CAPE MOUNTAIN LEOPARD is a rather elusive animal, and, although they thrive in the Cederberg area, very rarely seen. The occasional leopard track found in dried up river beds is enough of a find to get most nature lovers rather excited. BIRDWATCHERS are however sure to catch a glimpse of a Verreaux’s Eagle (Witkruisarend) and Fish Eagle soaring over head as the Cederberg hosts healthy populations of these magnificent birds.

Unique BUSHMEN PAINTINGS can be found scattered amongst rock formations along most of our hiking routes. One of the most legendary and rare San Paintings found here is that of a lone bichrome eland, an animal most revered by the San Bushmen as a creator deity. People of all ages adore these routes with their unique Bushmen-drawings and spectacular ROCK FORMATIONS of all shapes and sizes, which capture the imagination. The extraordinary ‘Look-out-rock’ (Loerklip) remains a firm favourite amongst all.

Refreshing, crystal clear ROCK POOLS in the Middeldeur River offer the perfect place to cool down during the summer months. Here children can spend hours swimming and exploring, searching for amongst others the elusive Redfin Minnow (Rooivlerkie), which can be found in shallows of the river.

Our high altitude and crystal clear night skies offer the perfect setting for those who are interested in STARGAZING. Even if you are not an aspiring stargazer, you will simply be amazed by the sheer volume of starry constellations visible in these clear unadulterated night skies.

Every season brings transformation. In winter guests are met by a Winter Wonderland of shimmering SNOW capped mountains.   During spring sleepy trees wake up and BLOSSOMS in delight, turning every tree as far as the eye can see, into what resembles huge tufts of candy floss. Seasonal fruit and perfect weather announces the arrival of summer, followed by the intense colours of autumn.

Whether you are in search of peace and quiet, wide open spaces, pristine nature or clear night skies, Kunje offers it all, and most definitely deserves a place on your bucket list.