Kunje is situated in the Northern most part of the Koue Bokkeveld and borders on the Cederberg Mountain range. The unique climate allows us to grow a wide range of fruits, including peaches, dessert peaches, nectarines, apples, pears, plums, oranges and lemons. When driving on the R303 our oranges are the first to be seen from Ceres and our apples the first to be seen from Citrusdal. These fruits are produced predominantly for the export and local market. Additionally, a portion of our fruit is processed and dried on site for KFruit, our dried fruit and sweets branch.

Kunje is a family farm and has been so since 1834. Our current Managing Director, Theunis Hanekom, is the sixth generation Hanekom to farm here. He started farming with his father, Louis Hanekom, in 1986. Louis Hanekom planted the first fruit orchards on Kunje alongside his own father, Theunis Hanekom, in 1956. Back then the first apples, citrus, peaches and pears took root and we have not looked back ever since.

At present there are over a hundred and sixty hectares of orchards, including a wide variety of high value cultivars. We have also in recent years expanded the farm’s capacity with the establishment of a packing shed and fruit drying and processing facility. These assets have served us well and have seen us reach new heights. We aim to farm in harmony with nature and are currently in the process of forming part of the Tweerivieren Nature Reserve. Kunje also conforms to Global Gap, Siza and other audit standards.

Over the years we have been very grateful for a hardworking and faithful community of farm personnel, without which we would not be able to do what we do. We strive to serve and support our community as best we can, and today the farm can boast with a community hall, kindergarten and aftercare center to serve our people. We have a very active athletics team who has won several team prizes over the years.

Overall, we are a proud and productive community who strive towards excellence and care in all we do!